How To Fix a 500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error – What it is and why does it happen? why does a website show a 500 Internal Error. I have read a lot about this issue and I have implemented and fixed it myself. Sometimes when these problems occur people tend to waste lots of time and even delete the entire website. Sometimes hiring someone to fix this for you is very expensive. Well if you want to pay someone to help you fix it please contact me now. I will need a username and password to your root file folder – keep that in mind. Sometimes you have to trust a stranger in your hosting account to get it fixed.. Don’t worry I have no intentions to damage your site – my only intention is to help you in anyway you need and want.

I know owning a site can be very hard work – maintaining it can be very hard. I am a webmaster and can help you with your new or current website. Just contact me today, I can help you. Sometimes they say in the internet to clear your cookies and cache on your computer and boom it is fixed. It might work if you are lucky. This is plain and simple, your server’s root files or folder might have a problem and we need to fix it. Most of the time It might be a file that is creating the issue and a plugin. Maybe the programming of a file is the issue here. Well I have spent days even months to find the problem. I have deleted websites and started from scratch and sometimes don’t even fix the problem. How to fix 500 Internal Server Error.

WordPress Help Diagnose and Fix

Go to your root folder and look for your .htaccess file and fix it because this one can be wrong. This file can create the 500 internal server error if it is bad programming. Repair and fix this file and hopefully this will fix your 500 error code. If you have a WordPress website just find the original .htaccess file and just copy it to your root folder and just overwrite existing one. The plugins are the main culprit when this error comes up on your site. You will have to diagnose which plugin is the main cause of the issue and remove.

It could be a pain asking every time your web hosting company for help regarding this and just waiting for them to fix it for you over and over and sometimes they don’t even answer, I know this is not good for you or I. I have decided to write this to help you out there and that you are not alone.

We can create you a nice website remotely from my place. I can help you fix or repair your computer remotely. If you need someone to fix or repair your computer or website remotely please let me know. I can log in and access your computer remotely if you need me to. I am a webmaster graphic designer computer doctor IT Professional and available to help you offer you my services. SEO professionals.

500 Internal Server Error

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Post Update: 1/21/20
I had this post on another website and decided to transfer it here. The other website is going down so I have to transfer each and every post to other website’s. This post has a very disturbing issue so I had to search on the web to see if there was any help. The error code was (Updating failed. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response.). Every time I wanted to publish the post this message come up and didn’t let me publish my page. What a headache! yes, everyday there is some new error that comes up. Why? is because updates and new software or inventions are occurring. New issues and problems will come up,

New things to learn and fixing. It is a headache though. So I cam up on this website and the first paragraph helped me solve my problem. Installed the old original editor and deactivated Gutenberg and that was it. Now it is fixed and live on the web. So yes please install the old editor and use it so you don’t see this error code and so you can publish your page.

I share new websites or important information like this because it is very important for anyone out there that needs the help. This post will be updated with new content from time to time. You can also comment on this page if you have something to share or any questions.